Listen below to hear directly from Frank Bloem (36.5 collaborator and scent designer) about 36.5 / A Durational Scent: 

36.5 / A Durational Scent
Place a drop of this scent on your wrist, on the
backside of your hand, or wherever you prefer.
It will accompany you through the exhibition
and help you sink into the durational video
This scent is designed to last for a full tidal cycle. It will fade
and while the molecules evaporate you will be able to smell
various things in it.
• At first you will get a kick of the outdoors and you will
sense the sea.
• When the first impression fades you will trace heady
notes of ozone in the air.
• You may sense a nearby campfire.
• Later the smell of driftwood and other floating objects
will come in. Every once in a while, you might smell an
unpleasant whiff, like some detritus floating by.
• Towards the end of the tidal cycle, only the long-lasting
ingredients will remain, like the sperm whale secretion:
This scent contains a few drops of water from each 36.5
location. So you now carry a tiny bit of water from all over
the world on your hand. While smelling, some memories of
your own past will be triggered, feel free to integrate them
into your experience of being here.
— Frank Bloem, scent designer and 36.5 collaborator