36.5 / New York Estuary

September 14, 2022, 7:27am – 8:06pm (12 hours, 29 minutes)

The 9th and final work in the 36.5 series will include satellite performances from all previous international locations, livestreaming and participation around the world, and filming in real time to create the durational video works that are shown as multi-channel installations.

“Prompted by Hurricane Sandy, which devastated New York City in 2012, 36.5 / A Durational Performance with the Sea is an investigation of individual and collective vulnerability and resilience.”
— Nicole Miller for Hyperallergic
New York-based artist Sarah Cameron Sunde stands in a tidal bay for a full tidal cycle, usually 12-13 hours, as water engulfs her body and then reveals it again. The public participates. What began in 2013 with a simple poetic action has grown into a complex artwork, involving hundreds of people in communities around the world.
“The surface simplicity of the work belies the complexity of its theoretical, aesthetic, and political potential. 36.5 offers an opportunity to approach questions of art, performance, and of the human place in nature from a variety of discursive and disciplinary perspectives: feminism, eco-theory, theories of space, embodiment, and affect, questions of resilience, histories of performance, art history, as well as questions of transnational art activism and modes of fostering eco-spheric consciousness.”

– Una Chaudhuri, Eco-critic, Professor, Dean for the Humanities at NYU

July 18-31: 36.5 Cove Intensive at the site — studio visits, test stands, research, artist/community collaborator engagements, film + international livestream testing
July 31: Culminating “Kin Dig” evening event with Remote Theater Project with performance, “We Are All Kin to the Cove” on July 31 at 6pm
July 20Art and the Environment: Artist Talk with Tatiana Arocha and Sarah Cameron Sunde, moderated by Kendal Henry at Arts Brookfield (6-8pm)
August 7: The Climate Museum panel discussion, “With the Sea” at LMCC on Governors Island (1pm)
August 7: Snug Harbor public engagement (video installation all day, participatory walk from 7-8pm)
August 13: Screening of durational video artworks: 36.5 / Te Manukanukatanga ō Hoturoa (Aotearoa) + 36.5 / Bay of All Saints (Brazil) at Arts Brookfield with invitation for the public to help create audience seating / denim seascape with René Stewart-Pearce and Pamella Allen  (8:08am-8:31pm)
August 21: Ma’s House and Watermill collaboration with Jeremy Dennis, Pamella Allen at Shinnecock (8am-4pm)
August 24: Riverside Park Conservancy Engagement events — lower park (3-5pm) and upper park (6-8pm)
August – September: Outdoor Public Installation in the Schwartz Plaza Vitrines at New York University
September 1-13: Final prep Cove Intensive final prep, studio visits, test stands, community engagements, project ambassador workshop trainings, etc.
September 6: Climate Cafe discussion with Russell Shorto at New York Historical Society (7pm)
SEPTEMBER 14:  36.5 / NEW YORK ESTUARY – 9th and final performance at the Cove in Queens NYC with Satellite Performances in Netherlands, Bangladesh, Brazil, Kenya, Aotearoa-New Zealand, Livestreaming into multiple venues around NYC and beyond,  7:27 AM – 8:06PM EST
TBD end of September: Premiere screening of the durational video artwork, 36.5 / New York Estuary, onsite in community
October 6: Celebratory academic event with NYU scholars and 36.5 collaborators, organized by Una Chaudhuri