Will you stand with me?

    Sarah can be also be reached at 1.646.325.7015

    36.5 is currently seeking

    • art and environmental organization partners in New York and New Zealand
    • an airline sponsor (who will also sponsor trees to help off-set the fact that we’re flying at all)
    • a wetsuit sponsor
    • accommodation sponsors
    • food sponsors
    • press and marketing support
    • volunteers and support staff
    • equipment sponsors: cameras and projectors
    • venues who’d like to host a video installation, a simpler screening and/or a guest artist lecture
    • enthusiasm in any shape and form!

    AND $693,000 in support through Foundations, Corporations, Government, Non-profits and Individuals to complete this work on the scale we imagine. 36.5’s community of support (funders, partners, sponsors, individuals) are locally-minded with a global perspective, they care deeply about the environment and see the power of art to move people and ultimately shift public consciousness. They recognize that this project is essential now more than ever, when the veracity of climate change is being called into question.

    If you’d like to donate to the project…
    Sarah Cameron Sunde Studio projects (including 36.5 / A Durational Performance with the Sea) are currently fiscally sponsored by “The Field”  a non-profit (501c3) in New York City. Click the button below to make a contribution!   Please make sure to write “Sarah Cameron Sunde for 36.5” in the designation line.

    Thank you so much! We can’t do it without your support!