August 15, 2014: 9:26am – 10:31pm
13 hours, 5 minutes
live performance + time-lapse + background video
photos by Gus Ford and Irina Patkanian

36.5 / San Francisco Bay was performed in the very public location of Aquatic Park, near the Dolphin Club and Ghirardelli Square. Sunde hired a producer for the first time and engaged several local organizations in partnerships (Long Now Foundation, Sustainable Surf, Swim Clubs, Department of the Environment).

Sunde also committed to complete silence while performing the work, added installation seating on the shore, collaborated with a local saxophonist who played at high tide and low-tide, and developed a movement phase with local choreographer for the public to learn and help perform after each hour that passed – a “Human Clock”. A a two-person film team documented the day, 23 people stood in the water and over 2000 others encountered the work.


At the end of this iteration, Sunde wrote:

“This pilot year is only the beginning.
The plan is to do this project in many parts of the world
with partners and collaborators – people who’ll stand with me.
With each iteration, 36.5 will continue to grow.
One small revolution with potential to change the landscape.”

36.5 / San Francisco Bay

Aquatic Park, San Franciseo, CA, USA
by Sarah Cameron Sunde

with The Long Now Foundation, Aqua Surf Shop, National Parks Service, SF Dept of the Environment, Sustainable Surf

Winnie Wong (producer)
Irina Patkanian & Gus Ford (film team)
Sasha Petrenko (choreographer collaborator)
John Ingle (saxophone)

and the rest of the core team: Jessica Donaghy, Douglas Dowers, Beth Peterson, Michael Stewart, Einar Sunde, Edgar Westerhof

Thanks to all the brave souls who ventured into the water in one way or another:
Chris White, Nina Haft, Stew Plock, Rich Hlava, Dave Duncan, Lee Heagerty, Debbie Raphael, Chris Snell, Rob Rakove, Jessica Litwak, Mark Jackson, Bill Wygant, Suzie Dods, Marina Psaros, Sharon Adam & Ariel Dovas, Tom & Debby Martin, Louise Warren, Andrew Warner, Danielle Engleman, Michael McElligott, Peter Wijsman, Will Travis, Joe LaClair, Elizabeth Wolf, Allen Leggett, Howard Leggett, Kay Wangelin, Michael Watts, Maria Hanke, Sue Garadis, Troy Kjos, Irene Siegel, Christopher Honeyman, Marti Johnson, Laura Arena, Aaron Louis, Rachel Parish, Magda Buczek, Henk Ovink, Henk de Jong, Gert Tetteroo.


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