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ARTIST TALKS (selected)

Long Now Foundation, July 11, 2023
World Economic Forum, June 27, 2023
Georgia Museum of Art, Nov 18, 2020
Penn Program in Environmental Humanities, May 7, 2020
United Nations SDG Action Zone, Sept 27, 2019


The Founder’s Spirit Podcast: Galvanizing Climate Action with 36.5 / A Durational Performance with the Sea (2023)

Tracy Metz Podcast: 3 Water Talks: Too Little  (2023)

The Optimist Daily Podcast: Sarah Cameron Sunde and 36.5 / A Durational Performance with the Sea (2022)


Standing with the Sea: Reflections on Sarah Cameron Sunde’s 36.5 / A Durational Performance with the Sea, organized by Una Chaudhuri with speakers: Lori Cole, Martin Daughtry, Sebastian Calderon Bentin, André Lepecki, Jennifer Jacquet, Elisabeth Strowick, Hannah Freed-Thall and Kimingichi Wabende, October 6, 2022

Two Questions With Sarah Cameron Sunde: Performance Conservation; a series of conversations with experts who work with performance, conservation, materiality, and knowledge organized by Hanna Hölling and the Swiss National Science Foundation. Link to full series page.


TDR, Sarah Cameron Sunde, pages 2-3, 2023.

Resilience: A Journal of the Environmental Humanities, edited by Una Chaudhuri with essays by Stacy Alaimo, Stefan Helmreich, Martin Harries, Peggy Phelan, Nils van Beek, Sarah Cameron Sunde, and James E. Young, pages 200-271, 2020.

Site Searching: Underwater New York, Sarah Cameron Sunde, 2019.

Public Art Dialogue, Sarah Cameron Sunde, pages  241-251, 2015

Environmental Art for the 21st Century, Works on Water Inaugural Triennial Catalogue, Sarah Cameron Sunde, 2017. Full Catalogue can be accessed here.


United StatesNPR (2022), WNYC/The Gothamist (2022), Hyperallergic (2019), The Brooklyn Rail (2015), SF Guardian (2014)

Aotearoa – New Zealand: ISLAND (2022), Eye Contact (2020)

Kenya: Tonyscope Pictures’ At One with the Sea – a mini documentary for Mombasa TV (2019), The East African (print cover story, 2019)

Brazil: Correio Newspaper (2019) , Metrópole Rádio (2019)

Netherlands: NRC Handelsblad (2015)Radio 1 (2015)

Other international: The Art Newspaper (2023), Arts Alive Interview with Vincent O’Donnell (Australia, 2020), JANE by the Grey Attic (Australia, 2019), Berlin Art Link (Germany, 2018)

Additional press:
Forbes (2023)
De Tijd (2023)
World Economic Forum (2023)
World Economic Forum, Annual Meeting of New Champions (2023)
All Arts (2022)
Optimist Daily (2022, article)

The Art of the New Green Deal (2019), 

SiriusXM (2019)
KQED (2019)
The East African (2019, online version)
DW Kiswahili (2019)
Bakara FM (2019)
VOA Swahili (2019)
Jornal A Tarde (2019)
Muito Magazine (2019)
Amsterdam FM (2015)
Leeuwarden Courant (2015)
Hyperallergic (2015)
Howlround (2015)
Public Art Forecast (2015)
CHANCE Magazine (2014)
Grenzecho, Monopol
The Big Idea