36.5 / A Durational Performance with the Sea (2013 – present) is a series of nine site-specific performance and video works created in locations across the world threatened by rising sea levels. The work began in 2013 in response to Hurricane Sandy, through the simple, poetic and personal act of standing in water for 12hrs 48mins while the tide rose and fell over on my body. Over the course of seven years, it has grown into a series of large-scale site-specific performances and video works made in collaboration with local communities in each location: Maine, Mexico, San Francisco, Netherlands, Bangladesh, Brazil, Kenya.

The final two works in the series were scheduled to take place in 2020 (Aotearoa on March 29 and New York City on September 5), but have been postponed due to COVID-19 and will now take place in 2021. I have always imagined that when we make the culminating final work in NYC, there would be re-enactments happening around the world so let’s start thinking about that for next year. In the meantime…..

To mark the current (challenging) moment and build towards the culminating global works that will now happen in 2021, we are creating a tangential 36.5 VIRTUAL event on September 5, 6:43am – 7:09pm (New York time).

I’m thinking of this Sept 5 event as a research and process-based work that is part of the overall series — a way to keep 36.5 alive and invite online participation during this crazy time, to officially begin the process with the New York City site, and a concrete way to connect my amazing collaborators around the world.

Throughout the day, we will livestream from Hallet’s Cove at Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens (the NYC water where the participatory performance will eventually take place). Videos from global 36.5 works will be shared sporadically throughout the day — imagine a multi-channel feed with various videos layered in slowly and sporadically throughout the day. There will be a few talks, including a 90-minute Collaborator Conversation and a 90-minute Conversation with NYU Faculty and Students. Each hour that passes will be marked with a 5-10 minute performance, action, or simple report from the water from somewhere in the world.

36.5 / NYC Process — a global/durational livestream event on September 5: 6:43am – 7:09pm (EST)
TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (subject to change):


Live-stream begins

Report from Bangladesh with Khandkar Nasir Ahammed and Kazi Fahmida Kamal Sumi (5:43pm local time)

Report from NYC with Joshua Dumas

Report from Kenya with Kimingichi Wabende, Wakili Mwatondo, Jordan Muindi, and UKT Group (4:43pm local time)

Context Conversation with John Hatfield (Socrates Executive Director) and James E. Young

Report from Netherlands with Carrie Dimaculangan and Jonas de Witte (3:43pm local time)

Report from NYC with Tecumseh Ceaser (Wampum Carver and Cultural Consultant AKA NativeTec) and Chief Reggie Ceaser (Sagamore of the Matinecock Turkey Clan)

Report from Brazil with Clara Domingas, Vinicius de Jesus Sapucaia, and Pretxs de Rua (1:43pm local time)

1:30 – 3pm
Collaborator Conversation with international collaborators from around the world, moderated by Mariel Villeré (starting at 7:30pm Netherlands / 8:30pm-10pm Kenya / 2:30 – 4pm Brazil / 11:30pm Bangladesh / 5:30am on Sept 6 Aotearoa) At 1:43pm and 2:43pm, we’ll mark the passing hour briefly with all collaborators.

Reports from Maine, Mexico, San Francisco collaborators: Sasha Petrenko, Maridee Slater, Andrew Simon and Magda Buczek

4 – 5:30pm
Academic Panel with NYU faculty/students (moderated by Una Chaudhuri with Lori Cole, Elaine Gan, Nadja Millner-Larsen, Robin Nagle, Mauricio Salgado, Sonia Werner) at 4:43pm – we’ll mark the passing of the hour with the Faculty/students.

Report from Aotearoa with Ariane Craig-Smith (9:43am on September 6 local time)

Report from NYC with Audrey Dimola, Simone Johnson, Christopher Bisram, Andrew Murdock, and Callum Bayne-Spence

Live-stream ends


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