Get Involved with 36.5/New York Estuary!

Be part of the performance – Stand in the water with Sarah Cameron Sunde on Wednesday, September 14th and contribute to this global artwork by clicking below.


36.5 needs volunteers on the day of the performance and in the week leading up to it to help this event run smoothly on September 14th and connect as many people as possible with the water! Click the button below to join our volunteer team and start receiving information about opportunities/roles!


Project Ambassadors are needed on September 14th to be present at live stream events across the 5 boroughs, New Jersey, and at The Cove to answer questions and engage in conversation with event attendees about the 36.5 project and sea level rise. Ambassadors will participate in a training session prior to the event and receive a small stipend for their work. Click the button below to join our project ambassador team and receive the information you need to get started!


We are looking for food and drink support for our event on September 14th! Click the button below to tell us if your company would like to sponsor us on September 14th and/or if you would be open to donating to our event yourself!

About 36.5

36.5/A Durational Performance with the Sea is a global performance piece made in collaboration with water, consisting of a series of installations and video artworks by Sarah Cameron Sunde, a New Yorker and interdisciplinary artist. Shocked by Hurricane Sandy’s impact on NYC, Sarah was moved to use performance art to bring attention to rising sea levels and water’s impact on us in the climate crisis while deepening people’s relationships with the water surrounding them. For the past nine years, she has been traveling the world, standing, for full tidal cycles, in bodies of water near communities most likely to be impacted by rising sea levels in the near future. This performance has taken place in Maine, Mexico, San Francisco, the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Kenya, Brazil, and Aotearoa-New Zealand. For its final installment, 36.5 now lands here, in New York – Where it all started.

On September 14th, 2022, Sarah will stand for a full tidal cycle (7:27am – 8:06pm) in the NY Estuary/East River; the water directly off of The Cove where Astoria meets Long Island City in Queens. Your interest and involvement in this project are what make it what it is – We’re so happy to have you and can’t wait to see you in September!

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