Excerpt: 36.5 / North Sea, two-channel video installation:  projectors, screens, text, pillows, 12 hours, 46 minutes, looped, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, 2020

Excerpt: 36.5 / Bodo Inlet, Kenya, 2019, 12 minutes 6 seconds, excerpted from 12 hours, 6 minutes, single channel

Excerpt: 36.5 / Te Manukanukatanga ō Hoturoa, 2022, 3 minutes, excerpted from 12 hours, 23 minutes, splitscreen

Excerpt: 36.5 / Bay of All Saints, 2019, 12 minute, 16 seconds excerpted from 12 hour, 16 minutes, single channel

Excerpt: 36.5 / New York Estuary, 2022, 1 hour, 27 minutes, excerpted from 12 hours, 39 minutes, splitscreen


There are six durational video artworks (12+ hours each). Each video artwork is the same duration as the corresponding performance work:

36.5 / North Sea, Netherlands, 2015
12 hours, 46 minutes

36.5 / Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh, 2017
12 hours, 21 minutes

36.5 / Bay of All Saints, Brazil, 2019
12 hours, 16 minutes

36.5 / Bodo Inlet, Kenya, 2019
12 hours, 6 minutes

36.5 / Te Manukanukatanga ō Hoturoa, Aotearoa-New Zealand, 2022
12 hours, 23 minutes

36.5 / New York Estuary, Turtle Island-USA, 2022
12 hours, 39 minutes

These durational video artworks were edited within 10 days of completing the performance with long, slow shots lasting 10-20 minutes each. They were then screened first on location so the community that helped make the work, could see it first.

Each video artwork is exhibited as a 2-3 channel installation or combined to create a 4-18 channel installation. The videos runs on a loop, ideally for 24 hours/day. These are large-scale projections presented on as a surround experience with comfortable seating in the middle to encourage viewers to stay for substantial amounts of time.

For each of the performance locations, sound artist/composer collaborator Joshua Dumas has created a layer of audio based on local climate data and media captured by Sunde  on location. Each soundscape functions in relationship to the previous locations’ soundscapes, creating a complex and layered low-level symphony for a multi-channel installation.

These works are intentionally created as autonomous works of video art, rather than documentation of the performances.